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Past Programs:

Landscape Painting Program- August 2017 

Artists learned how to use perspective in creating their own landscape painting* with artist Barbara King Mingo.

Barbara Mingo is a professional artist and private art teacher living in Fairfax,  Virginia, with over 20 years experience. Ms Mingo creates private commissioned works of art, teaches after school art programs and gives private lessons.

Learn to Paint Portraits like Picasso, Drawing  & Painting Workshop- April 2017

Aspiring artists learned how to design, draw and paint their very own Picasso portrait, while enjoying refreshments and socializing with friends!

Barbara Mingo is a professional artist and private art teacher living in Fairfax, Virginia.
Badge Earning Information
Many of the art related badges encourage talking to a professional in the medium; our guest artist is skilled in various mediums; according to GSCNC staff not every step has to be exactly the same as the badge book, but can be “in the spirit of the badge” to fulfill requirements .

Specifically Brownies fulfill Painting badge
1. Get Inspired- talk to a painter
2. Paint a portrait
3. Paint a Mood (through their color choice for backgrounds which is discussed)
4. Background patters using various items
5. Tips from a professional about their work*; Share your work*

Juniors Fulfill Drawing Badge
1. Drawing in black and white then adding color paint
2. Drawing and shading background and patterns in pencil first and then color
3. Drawing Facial Features*
4. Tips from a professional about their work*
5. Make your masterpiece and show it off

Girl Power in Action!

What can a little girl do? Anything! 

Just look at 8 year old Girl Scout Brownie fromn Maryland, Tulsi Gupta, who has discovered the thrill of Cyclocross - a bicycling team sport. She competed in 6 Cyclorcross races last year and is getting ready for road season. Way to go Tulsi!
Keep on pedaling!

Girl Power in Action!

Congratulations Daisy Troop 12015- You may be little, but you are mighty!

Congratulations Girls, Leaders & Moms of Daisy Troop 12015 for showing Girl Power in Action! 

By taking on a tough service project of recycling plastics, metals, wires, and cans; you showed us all what girls can do! By making the world a better place.

Girl Power in Action!​​

Your photos and stories can be here
to help inspire others.
Buy Girl Power Patch $1/each

  Fancy Girl Tea Parties is proud to support real girls showing “Girl Power in Action! “   We want to inspire others by featuring your photos and stories of your successes- great and small. 
Have you tried a new sport? Tried out for band or a play? Did you run for school office? Stand up to a bully? Make a new friend? Did you hang in there when things got tough? Did you help someone in need?  Did you volunteer when no one else would?  Has your troop completed a service project you're proud of?? All of these and many, many more demonstrate Girl Power in Action!
It doesn’t matter if you won or lost, what matters is that you showed courage by trying and gained new strength from the experience.
Send photos and a description to and keep checking here to see if you are featured. 
Girl Power patches are available for $1 each (includes shipping). Send in a check for the quantity you’d like along with Group contact name, address, email, troop and quantity to: 
Fancy Girl Tea Parties
2839 Maple Lane
Fairfax, VA 22031

Proud of my Troop and my daughter, interviewed in this Washington Post article!

Girl Scout Programs

Educational, Life Skill and Badge Work

  • Practical Business for Girls
  • Resume and Interview Tips and Skills
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Girl Scout Level Badge Work
  • Quality Crafting- Painted Glass, Mosaic, Sewing, Jewelry Making