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The Shared Dream
Jamal and Sophia have hosted Girl Scout Tea Parties, Birthday Tea Parties, and Mother’s Day Tea Parties; when it came time to choosing a 50th birthday party theme- you guessed it, they hosted a Tea Party!

The mother-daughter pair has long fantasized about a tea party business… a beautiful store front, elegant china, delectable treats, beautiful crafts and lots of lots of fun together.  in 2017 they altered the dream and made Fancy Girl Tea Parties a reality.

It's more than just tea, it's priceless time together. 

Formerly a marketing professional, I used to organize  successful events and had a huge budget to spend on them. I miss those days!

As a Girl Scout and PTA volunteer, I learned to do more with less money and enjoy the challenge of putting together events that were fun but didn't cost a fortune.

Jamal Frangie Rubeiz (MsJ)
Entrepreneur & Small Business Owner, Marketing Professional, MBA, Fairfax County Public Schools Substitute Teacher, Girl Scout Leader, PTA Member, Volunteer, Crafter, Party Planner, Marketing, Mom and Fancy Girl!

How Our Love of Tea Parties Started
When my daughter Sophia was in preschool I was thrilled  to have won a beautiful tea party basket at an auction. It was filled with fancy floral tea cups, saucers, teas, and a book.  I'd never had a real tea party experience and was delighted to learn with my daughter.

We spent hours together thereafter entertaining ourselves and her friends with that set. As we set the table with our tea pots and cups, filled plates with a few yummy treats, and wore boas, hats and jewelry, we became "Fancy Girls." We bonded and had delightful discussions! Thereafter we referred to each other as "Fancy Girl." 

Any time Sophia was overwhelmed, sad, bored or in the mood...we had ourselves a tea party. Sometimes we dressed up fancy, baked special treats, and made crafts too. These were the most fun! We used this time to have fun, and connect with each other.

As the years progressed we went to wonderful teas at fancy hotels in Washington, Charlotte, and New York City. We enjoyed tea at the National Cathedral, the American Girl cafes in DC, Boston, and Dallas. We sampled tea at the Abigail Adams Tea Shop in Boston next to the Tea Party Ship. And we’ve had specialty teas at plantations in Charleston, SC. We still loved ours the best!

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